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"My passion started as a kid when I went through images and tried to rearrange them in the way it felt right. The happier I became when I realized it did something to me and others and even more so when I learned using sound and made them feel. My urge grew to tell compelling stories and I love it ever since. "


Post Production

We guide and organize you through the whole post production process from receiving your raw material and even before until the finished product needs to be delivered.


Finding out what is here actually the "real story" in all that material, especially in documentaries isn't always that easy. So we put the binoculars on for you to sharpen the view.

But even helping to develop the screenplay and find triggers for the red thread

in the storyline is what we love to do. Instead of fixing it in post.


Dramaturgy /Consulting

Cutting away and carving creatively with what is left from the raw material, is satisfying and highly inspiring though not always easy to digest for the director or creator and even the editor. Most likely it takes time to really simmer down the material and possibilities in order to find 'the gold' in it.

That is what we do, besides all that psychological stuff.


Well if you don't know any further or are close to be finished but something 'irks' you and you don't feel you are right there where you want or you should be, a professional outsider can often bring some fresh breeze and a new perspective into things. Without having been formerly involved to deeply into the ups and downs of the process.

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